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In Aube, the company once again moves into the public space, in an exploration of passion, resistance and emancipation. 

Empowered by bold rhythms, precise gestures, dynamic voices, and their affinity for each other, the four dancer-percussionists skillfully navigate obstacles and constraints, collectively engineering an escape and subsequent celebration. Their gradual liberation transforms their space and physicality, as well as the gaze to which they are subjected.

Intricate and enthralling, Aube is an homage to determined women, united in a struggle against limitation.

While Aube can be presented as a stand-alone piece, it is also the second chapter of the company’s trilogy of site-adaptive works.

A percussive dance contemporary work that questions the place given to women in the 21st century.


MOVEMENT | Frédérique-Annie Robitaille with the valuable collaboration of the performers during creation  ORIGINAL MUSIC | Joannie Labelle  ARTISTIC ADVISOR | Dominic Desrochers  PERFORMERS DURING CREATION | Sarah Bronsard, Audrey Gaussiran, Joannie Labelle, Marianne Larose, Audréa Page and Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa  PERFORMERS ON TOUR | Rachel Carignan, Chloe Hart, Marianne Larose and Régina Reichherzer  UNDERSTUDY | Stéphanie Boulay  REHEARSAL DIRECTOR | Sophie Lavigne. COSTUMES | Jeanne Dupré  SCENOGRAPHY | Mario Boucher and Camilhe Couton  PHOTOGRAPHIES |  Anne-Marie Baribeau, Jackie Hopfinger and Romain Lorraine  PRODUCTION MANAGER | Frédérique-Annie Robitaille  ARTISTIC DIRECTOR | Mario Boucher


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