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Inspired by the powerful words of Quebec’s national poet Gaston Miron (1928-1996), Rapaillé combine the percussive signature for which the company is renowned to a more contemporary dance language. The resulting vocalbulary, both multidimensional and unique, serves a compelling choreographic work, tinged by the urban poetry of Miron.

Through the transcendent rhythms of percussive dancing, punctuated by excerpts from L’homme rapaillé read by actor Pierre Lebeau, the audience is drawn both into the world of the author and the seasons of life and love.

To original music created by Julien Roy and Freeworm, dancers from Zeugma deliver a highly emotional experience, while redefining the limits of percussive dancing as we know it.

Rapaillé was presented from 2008 to 2016.


CHOREOGRAPHERS | Dominic Desrochers and Frédérique-Annie Robitaille with precious help from the performers  POETRY Gaston Miron ORIGINAL MUSIC | Julien Roy and Vincent «Freeworm» Letellier ORIGINAL DISTRIBUTION  |  Yaëlle Azoulay, Dominic Desrochers, Marie-Pierre-Lecault, Vincent «Freeworm» Letellier, Frédérique-Annie Robitaille, Anita Rudichuk, François Taillefer and Ian Yaworski ADDITIONAL PERFORMERS Noémie Azoulay and Philippe Meunier MUSICIANS | Marie-Soleil Bélanger, Marie-Pierre Lecault, Vincent «Freeworm» Letellier, Véronique Plasse, Julien Roy and François Taillefer  NARRATOR Pierre Lebeau  LIGHTING | Gélo   COSTUMES | Madeleine Saint-Jacques   SCENOGRAPHY Mario Boucher   ADDITIONAL MUSIC | Jean-François Bélanger and Guy Donis  PHOTOGRAPHIES | Geneviève Ringuet and Jacques Boucher   ARTISTIC MANAGING DIRECTOR  |  Mario Boucher

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