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Located in the heart of Montreal's Mile-End, a few steps from Laurier Metro Station, Studio [Z] is ZØGMA's creative and rehearsal space. Through its functional layout, the space helps the realization of all stages of the creative process, especially among artists in percussive dance.


The Studio [Z] is a 1,800 s.q. foot space warmly designed to welcome creators and their performers. The space is divided into two sections: The creative space, with a total surface area of ​​1,250 sq. Ft., Is bright and warm, with large windows that let in natural light. A resilient dance floor measuring 24 'x 50' is set up for the health and safety of the dancers. The creative space contains all the equipment necessary for the work of the choreographer and his performers. The relaxation area, of 550 square feet, includes two changing rooms, a kitchen, a lounge and a bathroom.


With a reasonable pricing, the Studio [Z] wishes to allow the entire artistic community to have a place of exploration, experimentation and creation that reproduces the characteristics of a stage.

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